This is a new website for Amateur Radio Operator W1KMC - Kevin M Carman.

This site will be for links (or Embeds) to my other sites and service projects.

These include the Maine Notary Net (Notary Public services (including weddings, we can do that in Maine), My two Amateur radio clubs, the Pine State Amateur Radio Club (PSARC), out of the Bangor/Brewer area and the Piscataquis Amateur Radio Club (PARC), out of the Milo,Dover, Brownville, Sebec areas.

One project is a single point "Connection Center" phone system to connect all amateur radio clubs in Maine to a central contact number where anyone can call for info on ham radio in Maine. The system is live and waiting.

Another project is video conferencing (not zoom). I have 3 rooms on Uberconference (two that hold 100 and 1 that holds 10, the numbers may have increased but these I know), but am contemplating a Jitsi server and a website chat feature called Live Helper Chat. I will need guinea pigs for these too. I am also researching Discord, if I can do it.

In the ham radio realm I have 2Meter/70cm (144/440) radios, DMR and a hotspot (or two). I have an HF but seem to hear nothing on any band . I seem to live in a vortex area.

contact info is on qrz.com or my notary sites. as I develop this site, embeded iframes will be put in place to make it easier to reach me.

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