Our postal mail address is:
Kevin M Carman- W1KMC/WQPI418
178 Ohio St Apt 1
Bangor, ME 04401-4740

A printable PDF Tele-Tree of the entirety of the Connection Center will be available here soon. For now, just call the operator to be connected to another party/group.

I be reached at 207-631-2592 (or 3) or Toll-Free at 888-587-9295 (or 6). HINT: I am the operator.

Your System Operators are: -- Dial '0' to reach an operator
ExtensionOfficeName / Call
3100Primary Operator:Kevin Carman - W1KMC / WQPI418
3200Alternate Operator:Debbie Ellis - K1DAE
3300Alternate Operator:Rob Andle - No call yet
3600Alternate Operator:W1KMC/K1DAE's QTH Data Room upstairs

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