AmateurLogic 162: SDRPlay HD Radio, Android Pi, LiFePO4 Battery

13-11-2021 05:00
George explains AM & FM Broadcast Signals and decodes HD Radio on an SDRPlay receiver. Mike cooks up some tasty Android Pi. Is this the Pi OS we’ve been waiting for? Tommy builds an economical 50 Ah LiFePO4 Battery Pack.
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Ham College episode 82 - Extra Class Exam Questions – Part 20

30-10-2021 06:00
E5A Resonance and Q: characteristics of resonant circuits: series and parallel resonance, definitions and effects of Q, half-power bandwidth, phase relationships in reactive circuits. 1:05:41
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AmateurLogic 161: Our 16th Anniversary

16-10-2021 06:00
Celebrating 16 years of AmateurLogic.TV. Peter, VK3PB drops in for and update from downunder. George shows some of his favorite tips and projects from the last few years. Tommy demonstrates a neat battery capacity tester. Emile discovers new Cheap Tricks with Echolink. Announcing the winner of our 16th Anniversary contest! Cliff Boand, WA0JTW will receive an Icom IC-705 Transceiver, AH-705 Auto Tuner, LC-192 Backpack, MFJ-4230MV Power Supply, MFJ-2012 OCF Antenna, and RG-8X coax.
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Ham College 81 - Extra Class Exam Questions – Part 19

02-10-2021 06:00
E4E Noise suppression and interference: Noise suppression and interference: system noise, electrical appliance noise, line noise, locating noise sources, DSP noise reduction, noise blankers, grounding for signals, common mode currents. 1:10:53
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AmateurLogic 160: RN Noise, Huntsville Hamfest & Hurricane Ida

18-09-2021 06:00
George demonstrate RN Noise, free AI noise suppression plug-in. Emile rides out Hurricane Ida while stationed on emergency stand by. Tom Apalenek, WA2IVD joins us to share his first visit to Huntsville Hamfest. AmateurLogic’s 16th Anniversary Contest. Someone is going to win a great Icom IC-705 transceiver package. Details at 1:21:26
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