Ham College 80 - Extra Class Exam Questions – Part 18

28-08-2021 06:00
E4D Receiver performance characteristics: blocking dynamic range, intermodulation and cross-modulation interference, third-order intercept, desensitization, preselectors. 55:30
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AmateurLogic 159: 3D Fumes, SDR Console, AH-705 Setup

14-08-2021 06:00
Mike 3D prints a custom Solder Fumes Extractor. Emile reviews SDR Console software. Tommy sets up his Icom AH-705 auto tuner. George does some AA exploring. Announcement of AmateurLogic’s 16th Anniversary Contest. Someone is going to win a great Icom IC-705 transceiver package. Details at amateurlogic.tv/contest . 1:18:50
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Ham College 79 - Extra Class Exam Questions – Part 17

31-07-2021 06:00
E4C Receiver performance characteristics: phase noise, noise floor, image rejection, MDS, signal-to-noise ratio, noise figure, reciprocal mixing, selectivity, effects of SDR receiver non-linearity, use of attenuators at low frequencies. 55:21
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AmateurLogic 158: Distortion, Field Day & SDRangel

17-07-2021 06:00
George’s Distortion Exploration. Tommy and the One Man Field Day Team. Mike discovers SDRangel software. 1:07:25
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Ham College 78 - Extra Class Exam Questions – Part 16

26-06-2021 06:00
E4B Measurement technique and limitations: instrument accuracy and performance limitations, probes, techniques to minimize errors, measurement of Q, instrument calibration, S parameters, vector network analyzers. 54:43
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