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Pi-Star WebsiteMore information on Pi-Star can be found at Pi-star's main website
for general information, such as Talk groups for DMR, Fusion NXDN, and more.

Pi-Star Download Page to download the latest image of Pi-Star
Pi-Star Forums Page -- to get help from the PI-STAR community, and on

Toshen - KE0FHS's Amateur Radio Notes website -- a well done website for Pi-Star.

You can also find PiStar on Facebook and some vieos by W1MSG on Youtube.
Ham Radio Hotspots
The four hotspots below (Jumbospot, Zumspot, Dualspot, and Openspot One) were all goiven to me by my friend Fred in Michiogan for helping with his setups. Thank You Fred - KB8IWO.
Pic of the equipmentManufacturerModelType

On a RasPi-Zero-W
Metal case was included.
aka 'ChinaSpot'

Hostname: jumbostar
This one is on loan. // Frequency: 440.9750 MHz - Simplex / DMR-CC 1 // Hotspots only use TS 2 on DMR, unless Dual board.

On a RasPi-Zero-W
with a C4Labs Acryllic case.
was sold by HRO

Hostname: zumstar

Listens to:
DMR (BM / XLX 307D /
IPSC_Can_TRBO) / Fusion
This is my Mobile unit. I use it with my Cell Data and a Cell phone power bank.

Frequency: 445.9750 MHz - Simplex / >DMR-CC 1 // Hotspots only use TS 2 on DMR, unless Dual board.

On a RasPi 3B+
atop an ArgonOne Metal Case with Fan.
2 antenna, can do
2 Timeslot DMR

Hostname: dualstar

Listens to:
DMR (BM / XLX 307D /
IPSC_Can_TRBO) / Fusion
This is the one I keep on at home. // Frequency:
442.9750 MHz Rx / 447.9750 MHz Tx / DMR-CC 1

Hotspots only use TS 2 on DMR, unless Dual board. -- This one is.

This does repeater TX/RX on different frequencies, but I found it's half-duplex, putting on same simplex in duplex mode causes issues, but does allow dual timeslots in this configuration.
Steve-N8AR &
Look under Allstar->Brian(SM)
16 Channel modified
BF-888S UHF only
AllstarLink / Echolink Node box
AllstarLink Node 506353 /
Echolink Node 612217

On a RasPI3B+ with ArgonOne Case
This is a Node Radio for around my QTH that does AllstarLink and Echolink stations.

Frequency: 446.1000 MHz - Simplex // 100.0 Hz Subaudible Tone

If around my QTH connect to the Node number to the left, If not near me use the ASL Node 506350 and Echolink Node 540490 in New Jersey which is perma-connected here.
SharkRFOriginal version of the Openspot
aka 'OpenspotOne'

Proprietary Hotspot
This hotspot needs a wired internet connection so its usefullness in the field was limited.
I didn't / don't like the interface either. You can only do one mode at a time as compared
to pi-star and MMDVM boards that can do multi-modes at once.
This sits on my shelf, unused.
Frequency: 436.0000 MHz - Simplex // DMR-CC 1
Ham Radios Base/Mobiles and Handheld portables
Pic of the equipmentManufacturerModelType
HF Radio
HF Base Station Analog
This is on extended loan. This does 80, 40, 20, and 10 Meters HF, but I have yet to be able to use it right.
Dual-Band Handheld
Portable Analog / DMR
This was my 2nd DMR Radio to upgrade from the Tytera MD-380 VHF only DMR I started out with. This is nicer, but I have to have the speaker connection repaired as it only works with an external mike now.
16 Channel UHF only Handheld
Portable Analog
These no frills, no screen, UHF 16 channel radios are popular wit node boxes (My BRIAN(SM) is a modified one. These can be programmed out of Ham frequencies (including the GMRS range) - They are not legal to transmit there, but if you do, it's on you.
Connect SystemsCS-800DNase/Mobile Analog and DMR
Mobile radio
I have 2, one stays at home as a base.
One of the two in my vehicle, the other is the IC-2370A.
YaesuFT-70D HandheldPortable Analog / Fusion Capable
This is a System Fusion (Wires and Wires-X) capable radio. I use this on my hotspots as we have no local YSF repeaters in my area.
200 Channel Dual Band Mobile
Mobile Analog Only
My very first mobileradio back in 2000.
1000? Channel Dual Band Mobile
Mobile Analog Only
This is one of the two in my vehicle, the other is the CS-800D
Tytera / RetevisMD-380 (VHF)
1000 Channel Handheld
Portable Analog / DMR
The Tytera MD-380 VHF was the first DMR I got, but only did VHF so when I started doing Hotspots, that only worked well on UHF I got the Retevis RT3, which is the same exact radio as the MD380s.
Tytera/Retevis (?)6 Battery / Radio ChargerBattery/Radio Charger Accessory
This can also do Anytone 868 batteries (off the Radio though), on the radio it is too fat.
1000? Channel UHF Only Handheld
Portable Analog / DMR
This s a small, simple DMR radio. No keypd and just a few keys. Fixed antenna. Again this can do outside Ham (GMRS), Illiegal still but that's on you.
128? Channel Dual Band Handheld
Portable Analog Only
A tytera for analog only, I use this alot (GMRS, again illegal, but who's going to know/care.
128? Channel VHF only Mobile
Mobile / Base Analog Only
My XYL (better half [K1DAE - Debbie won this as a grand prize at our local hamfest in 2019. We use it as a VHF only base and sometimes a scanner.
Baofeng / BtechUV-25X2
128? Channel Dual Band Mini Mobile
Mobile / Base Analog Only
A smaller radio that is a good Go-box / Bug out radio it can plug in cigar lighter, but I like hard wired.
128 Channel Dual Band Handheld
Portable Analog Only
I like the style of this one better than the popular UV5R.
128 Channel Dual Band Tiny Mobile
Mobile Analog Only
Another mini mobile for Go-box / Bug out use (10 Watts, I think.)